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Install gps car tracker magnetic prompt account

  • Under normal circumstances, as long as the locator is installed and turned on, the corresponding device account password can be logged in on the positioning service platform to monitor and manage our vehicles. But recently, a friend said that he installed a gps car tracker magnetic but prompted the account to go offline, how is this?

    There are many reasons for the equipment to go offline, and generally we have four common reasons: one is the equipment SIM card arrears; Second, the equipment antenna is damaged; Third, the battery of the device is out of power; Fourth, there is no signal in the environment of the device. Then the normal newly installed gps car tracker magnetic, few just got the device antenna is broken, or the device is out of power, and the SIM card used by the device is mostly the user to re-purchase the card, and it is very rare to encounter no money in the SIM card.

    Then, the reason for the device account to go offline is likely to be the reason for the poor signal of the environment where the device is located.

    If the vehicle is in an underground parking lot or a garage where the signal is weak, it is normal for the device to be offline. The device will automatically return to normal online status as soon as the vehicle leaves the area.

    Of course, it could also be an installation problem. If the device is improperly installed from the beginning, it will also lead to poor signal reception of the device, and the device is naturally offline. You are advised to install the device in another location.

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