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Where is the 4g lte gps tracker generally installed on the car?

  • 1. Front and rear bumpers: Many GPS positioning companies will recommend installing the 4g lte gps tracker in the bumper. One is because the bumper is bump-shaped, which is suitable for installing the locator in the groove; the other is because the wireless 4g lte gps tracker is hard to be seen when it is sucked into the bumper, so this position is concealed enough and also Safe enough.

    2. In the trunk: The trunk of the car will be very large, and there are many places that can be installed. Some drivers will also put a blanket in the trunk. These blankets are completely enough to block the 4g lte gps tracker from being discovered. Moreover, the satellite signal in the trunk is relatively smooth and will not affect the positioning effect. Next to the taillights near the trunk is also a good mounting point.

    3. In the spare tire: Many people do not think that there is a 4g lte gps tracker hidden in the spare tire, so it can be seen that this position is still safe enough for now. However, it is necessary to remind riders that this spare tire is preferably a spare tire hanging at the rear of the car, not a spare tire placed in the trunk. Because there are too many iron layers in the middle of the trunk + spare tire + spare tire iron box, it will have a great impact on the vehicle locator signal.

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    Main features of 4g lte gps tracker

    1. Global satellite positioning intelligent anti-theft alarm function: when the vehicle is parked and alerted, the door is opened again, and the correct user password is not entered for one minute or the car is illegally moved (with a trailer towed 50 meters), the anti-theft system will automatically be set to the monitoring center and the owner. Multiple alarm phone voice alarm.

    2. Emergency assistance function: When the vehicle is hijacked or the owner is robbed, the owner touches the emergency alarm button without any awareness of the robbery, and it will alarm silently. After the monitoring and command center receives the alarm, the position, speed and running direction of the robbed vehicle will be automatically and visually displayed on the electronic map.

    3. Car phone function: This system integrates GSM technology, and has all the basic functions and new services of making and receiving local network calls, international and domestic long-distance calls and roaming services of digital mobile phones. At the same time of GPS alarm positioning, the GSM digital phone can still make normal calls.

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