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How to set the electronic fence of personal vehicle tracking de

  • The electronic fence of personal vehicle tracking device is one of the main functions commonly used. So what are the benefits of such a useful feature? How do we set up the fence? And how big can the fenced area be?

    1. Advantages of electronic fence

    The electronic fence is to use the GPS positioning management background to set an area and establish a fenced warning area. The purpose of the electronic fence is to prevent the bad behavior of the vehicle. For example, in the case of loaning vehicles, some drivers or employees will privately transfer the vehicles or the goods on the vehicles. The venues for such transactions are generally fixed, or all within a certain range. The company's vehicle management personnel can delineate an area where such possible transactions are possible. If an alarm message appears in the management background, it means that the vehicle has entered this area in violation of regulations, which means that the driver of the vehicle has private information. It is possible to sell vehicles or commodities underneath.

    2. How to set up an electronic fence

    Customers who use personal vehicle tracking device can log in to the positioning management platform with the account password, and set an action area for the vehicle in the management background. When the car enters the divided area or leaves the area, an alarm message will be sent to on the platform. Each device can set up multiple electronic fences, and each fence can connect multiple devices. In addition, customers can set circular and polygonal fences according to their needs.

    3. How big the electronic fence area can be set

    The area set by the fence can be as small as a point, or it can be as large as spanning the sea, the country, the can get as much as you want. But the average customer will not get a particularly large fence.

    The size and shape of the fence still need to be set according to your daily driving path. Blindly dividing a large fence will lose the original purpose of allowing the fence to protect the vehicle. For example, the GPS positioning platform of Concais, these areas can be set to standard shapes, such as circles and rectangles; they can also be set to other irregular shapes. When the target vehicle enters the area or leaves the area, the management background will receive a warning message. The manager can locate the vehicle immediately and carry out the next disposal operation.

    In addition to setting electronic fences, customers can also set up their own "warning lines" with other alarm functions of the device, so that customers don't have to worry about their vehicles having problems.

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