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The Fashionable Item That Keeps Both Temperature And Beauty - K

  • In the 80s and early 90s, knitted sweaters were once a staple item for women and men in the fall and winter. But in the late 90s and the beginning of this century, people gradually shifted from sweaters to jackets in their choice of fall and winter items. But fashion is always a reincarnation process. This year, the knitted sweater has become a distinctive scenery on the fashion stage again.

    Various diamond patterns, miscellaneous patterns, quirky patterns, and color block patterns are back in vogue, and the knitting textures are also varied, not to mention the styles of knitted sweaters, knee-length, short to the waist, wide open neck, short and small, and everything in between. In addition, in this year's fashion circle, sheath knit shawls are very popular, both "temperature" and "beauty".

    In the past, many knitted sweaters were crocheted according to one's personal preference, but now we rely more on machine production. The development of computer technology has also brought about the development of knitted sweaters. Using various computer software, it is possible to design various creative patterns, which are both convenient and time-saving. Many high-tech knitting techniques such as appliqué have been widely used in various knitting styles.

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    I remember in the early 1980s, the world was full of those thick yarn, patterned and bumpy stick-needle shirts. Handy girls and mothers searched for special stick needles and thick yarn for knitting stick-needle sweaters.

    After years of inactivity, thick sweaters knitted with thick fleece are back on the streets of fashion boutiques this year. At this year's Mexico Fashion Week, chunky knitwear was one of the main attractions, with three-dimensional The three-dimensional knitted effect created a variety of wonderful patterns, although some of them seemed to be the three-dimensional knitted effect produced a variety of fabulous patterns, and although some of them seemed to be just a casual draping of knitted fabrics on the body, they also had their own The knitted fabric has its own unique style.

    In the 21st century where fashion dominates clothing, the warmth of clothes seems to be taking a back seat to the original T-shirts and mesh shirts that were originally only worn in the summer will still be popular in the fall and winter. This year's extremely popular mesh knitwear is a rather vivid example. The large size of the needle hole, vaguely reveals the clothes set inside and forms a natural pattern on the outside.

    Although the surface pattern of knitted sweaters for women is changing, plaid and stripes are still the classics that have been around for a long time. The only exception is that this year's stripes and checks are not the usual two colors, but a blend of colors. Such as black, white, and red with, dark yellow-green, check the color of light orchid and cream, etc.

    To catch the footsteps of fashion this winter dress up their own, get rid of ordinary modeling, then hurry to their closet for a few pieces of the season's popular knitted sweater, they will be able to let you in this cold winter Lee both keep the temperature and keep the beauty.