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What are the requirements for distillation equipment in brandy

  • The way brandy distillation equipment is made

    BRANDY is a brandy derived from a bottle of wine that is distilled from grapes. At present, the main varieties of brandy are Ugni-Blanc and Colombard, which are characterized by low sugar content, strong sour taste, late ripening and strong disease resistance. In the cognac region, the sugar content of grapes only rises to 18 to 19 percent due to the cool climate.

    Higher acidity and less sugar have two consequences: 1. With less sugar, more grapes are needed in order to improve the alcohol content of the wine, for one thing. 2, because the use of more grapes than usual, coupled with its own high acidity, so the original wine acidity is very rich, and the acid ingredient is one of the sources of wine complexity, so the brandy produced by this raw material is quite delicious.

    Distillation can be divided into three ways, single distillation, semi-continuous distillation and continuous distillation:

    A. Single distillation

    Single distillation is commonly used in cognac region of France, brandy wine is characterized by grape juice with fruit flavor, strong wine, taste coordination. And needs to go through the second distillation. About 70% abV.

    B. Semi-continuous distillation

    Distilled only once, to obtain about 55°~60° of the original wine, often used in France Armagnac region (Armagnac), its characteristics in addition to the above, different from the single secondary distillation of the original wine, it is known for its strong special personality.

    C. Continuous distillation

    Law is similar to the distillation of oil, some like the structure of a distillation tower. The brandy distilled in this way is very soft and refreshing, and has the aroma of fruit juice.

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