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Introduction of all in 1 hdd docking usb 3.0‍ based on USB4.0

  • The full speed reading and writing of the USB4.0-based all in 1 hdd docking usb 3.0 and solid-state hard drive combination often exceeds several thousand MB/s (above PCIe3.0x4), which brings us a far-reaching storage experience. The device can be compared with traditional mechanical mobile hard disks. Under the current software environment, it can be said that any file transfer can be completed within one minute, and general video photos and other files can be transferred in seconds. The following is an introduction to this kind of hard disk enclosure.

    1. Mobile SSD

    Some netizens may be unfamiliar with PSSD (Portable SSD). If you have some fun with PSSD, there are two ways to play: one is to buy a finished PSSD, note that there are two versions of SATA and NVMe; the other is a more economical way, if you have disassembled or idle If you want to install the SSD, you can buy the corresponding type of SSD hard disk box and then assemble the two to get a non-finished PSSD.

    2. Characteristics of NVMe hard drives

    It should be noted that if the SSD we use is the NVMe version, its full speed reading and writing often exceeds several thousand MB/s (above PCIe3.0x4), but most of the NVMe SSD hard disk boxes are limited to 1000MB/s due to interface limitations. s or less, the heat dissipation problem will also reduce the instantaneous read and write speed in actual use. But now the newly launched products have solved the problem of heat dissipation and interface very well.

    3. NVMe SSD with USB4.0 specification

    The USB4.0 NVMe SSD is fully compatible with Thunderbolt 4 and USB4.0 interfaces. Its official standard read and write upper limit has reached 40Gbps, and the paper data is 4 times that of the mainstream 1GB/s. The original read and write of SSD The speed limit is greatly relaxed, so in actual use, you can try to improve the reading and writing experience of the PSSD and experience a faster data transfer experience. In the actual measurement, the read speed is 1800MB/s and the write speed is 850MB/s. Very fast.

    In addition, the speed curve of the combined read speed and write speed of USB4.0all in 1 hdd docking usb 3.0‍ is very stable, and there is no speed drop. The reading speed has far exceeded the 10Gbps standard, which can give us a very satisfactory experience. Now the price of such products is still relatively high, I believe that after the cost is reduced over time, it will eliminate some low-spec products that we are familiar with.

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