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Where is the folding stool chair suitable for?

  • Folding stool chair You may not like its simple appearance. In fact, it is folded from a piece of material. The seat panel and back panel are generally made of virgin PP plastic in the mold. The square steel pipe is more durable and durable than the round steel pipe; generally, the bottom of the chair frame, that is, the position in contact with the ground, will have a foot pad to prevent slipping and avoid scratching the floor. A folding stool chair includes a cover plate, a bottom plate with a regular N-sided shape, and N side plates that are respectively surrounded by N corresponding sides of the cover plate and the floor. It is characterized in that the side panel includes two flat side panel units connected by hinges along the height direction.

    folding stool chair, a lightweight, stackable chair that is easy to move and space-saving. Started for military use. Commonly used in various training organizations, campuses at all levels, public places, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, companies, families and other places.

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