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The structure of tig mig portable fume extractor and the select

  • tig mig portable fume extractor body can be divided into many boxes, each box has many filter bags, and in each box side inlet and outlet pipe with a cylinder drive lift valve. When the dust collector has a corresponding time to filter the dust containing gas or the resistance reaches the set value, the dust cleaning controller sends a signal, then the lifting valve of a chamber will begin to close and cut off the filter air flow. Then when the pulse valve of the chamber is opened, the lifting valve is reopened, which can make the chamber re-filter.

    tig mig portable fume extractor is composed of upper box, ash hopper, blowpipe system, ash drainage system, etc. It has the characteristics of stable structure, easy installation and stable operation. When working, the dust-containing gas enters the ash hopper from the inlet air duct, the coarse dust particles directly fall into the bottom of the ash hopper, the fine dust particles enter the upper box with the airflow turning point, the dust accumulation is attached to the outer surface of the filter bag, the filtered gas enters the upper box to the clean air exhaust duct, and is discharged to the atmosphere by the exhaust fan. The cleaning process is to first cut off the air duct of the clean air inlet and outlet of the chamber, so that the cloth bag of the chamber is in a state of no air flow through (the air is stopped in the chamber to clean the ash). Then the pulse valve is opened and compressed air is used for pulse cleaning. The closing time of the cut-off valve (lifting valve) is enough to make sure that the dust removed from the filter bag after spraying is settled to the ash hopper, avoiding the phenomenon that the dust is separated from the surface of the filter bag and then attached to the surface of the adjacent filter bag with the air flow, so that the filter bag is completely cleaned. And the programmable control instrument is used to fully control the cut-off valve (lifting valve), pulse valve and ash discharge valve.

    tig mig portable fume extractor is structured as follows:

    First, mechanical vibration bag dust collector.

    Second, reverse air bag dust collector. Part of the dust filtered by the filter bag falls into the ash hopper during operation, and part of it is deposited in the inside of the filter bag, causing the pressure difference of the inlet and outlet of the dust collector to gradually increase. When the pressure difference exceeds the set resistance value, the reverse blowing ash cleaning program controller starts to operate, and the air outlet valve of each dust collection chamber is closed once according to the selected program. Open the reverse blower valve to the chamber filter bag for the program of reverse blowing ash, so that the resistance drops to the selected value of the bag dust collector chamber in order to normal filtration operation.

    Wear protective gloves before operation and maintenance, cut off the power supply before operation of the equipment, check whether the stability of all removable parts is good before use, and all the filter elements should be securely fixed on the flower hole plate, but also see whether the detection window is closed. After use, the equipment should be tested every six months, and maintenance should be carried out. Our bag dust collector needs to determine the sealing inside the box, and can not appear any air leakage and other phenomena. The filter cartridge installation in the tig mig portable fume extractor needs to be vertically fixed in it and should be compact. The regular inspection of the bag dust collector is important, because we can find the problems of tig mig portable fume extractor in time, and it can be solved in time. The top of the tank should be welded to the top of the ash storage tank. Then connect the induced draft fan and then the air compressor, and also need a soft connection. This is the way to connect to the dust collector reservoir. All the parts are in good condition. If it is found that there is damage or deformation, it should be repaired in time. After installation, it is correct.

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