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cnc edm drill from china The true meaning of processing efficie

  • The maximum processing efficiency of different cnc edm drill from china is different, and users often think that the larger the data, the faster the machine processing speed. In fact, the maximum processing efficiency is mainly related to the maximum processing current of the machine tool, the greater the processing current of the machine tool, the higher the maximum processing efficiency. In the case of the maximum processing efficiency, it reflects the roughing efficiency, and the surface after processing is very rough. In actual machining, this kind of high current machining is rarely needed. Therefore, it can be said that this so-called maximum processing efficiency is of little significance for evaluating the processing efficiency of the machine tool.

    Generally speaking, the machining efficiency of cnc edm drill from china is not very different, and the difference in processing efficiency is mainly reflected in finishing. Finishing requires the use of multi-stage processing conditions, and its processing efficiency is related to many complex factors such as processing conditions, processing allowance, and technology. The efficiency of different processing types is very different, so it is difficult to use specific indicators to accurately evaluate the efficiency of finishing.

    We usually use multiple specific application examples for comparison, that is, under the same processing conditions, the processing requirements are the same, and the total processing time is ultimately compared. It is worth mentioning that this comparison is only in an objective case, the use of cnc edm drill from china itself process methods and electrical parameters for processing, can not be man-made intervention, so as to reflect the difference in machine tool processing efficiency. Because the processing efficiency has a great relationship with human adjustment, such as processing a cavity, using the default program of the machine tool for processing takes 20h, and through the adjustment program can control the processing time to 8h, which is very common. However, the more the machine tool, the smaller the adjustable space, and the stronger the adaptability of its processing. For complex and changeable processing types, its overall processing efficiency will reflect obvious advantages. "Maximum machining efficiency" this index can only be used to evaluate the maximum roughing efficiency of the machine tool. In actual production, the processing efficiency often depends on the finishing efficiency of the machine tool, and the finishing efficiency can be evaluated by objective application comparison.

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