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Cutting Special Machine Factors to consider when designing a ro

  • With the development of industrialization, Cutting Special Machine provides more powerful, more convenient and more effective manufacturing tools for the new industrial revolution and the progress of human civilization. The processing content of Cutting Special Machine is more complex than that of ordinary machine tools. It can be installed as required by row tool holder or eight-station hydraulic tool holder, and different servo power tool holder can also be added to realize the compound processing function of driving, milling, drilling and tapping on the same machine tool, and it can also be contour milling and cutting on the end face and cylinder surface.

    The preparation of the machining program is more complicated than that of the ordinary Machine tool process specification. This is because the problems that do not need to be considered in the processing technology of ordinary machine tools, such as the arrangement of the work step in the process, the determination of the tool point, the tool change point and the tool route, can not be ignored in the preparation of CNC lathe processing technology.

    Cutting Special Machine mainly considers the following factors when compiling the cutting route:

    1. For the CNC lathe for point processing, it is necessary to consider shortening the cutting route as much as possible to reduce the idle time and improve the processing efficiency.

    2. In order to ensure the roughness requirements of the workpiece contour surface after processing, the final contour should be arranged for the last continuous machining.

    3. The route of the tool should be carefully considered, and it is necessary to avoid stopping the tool at the outline or cutting the workpiece vertically.

    4. When milling a closed concave profile, the cut or cut of the tool does not allow epitaxy, and can be selected at the junction of both sides.

    5. The processing of rotary parts and the reasonable development of roughing routes are crucial.

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