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Packaging and Printing is growing the fastest

  • A corrugated box is a simple box consisting of corrugated cardboard (four or two layers) and a sheet of color printed face paper (five or three layers). Everything in life has its meaning, so what is the meaning of corrugated box printing? With the increasing development of the packaging industry, packaging is everywhere in people's lives. Because it is convenient for oneself and others, but also convenient for normal social life.

    There is a lot of Packaging in life, and Packaging and Printing packaging is growing the fastest. In the past 10 years, the use of global color boxes has increased at a rate of 3% to 6% per year. From the development probability of the entire international color box industry, the market growth rate of prosperous countries is gradually slowing down. However, China's market growth rate is rising rapidly, China's Packaging and Printing market can be said to be "a leader" to protect the ecological environment, becoming the world's fastest growing market, the growth rate of 15% to 20%, exciting.

    The existence of Packaging and Printing is convenient for the broad masses, mainly widely used in shoes, hardware, electronics, daily necessities, food, clothing and other fields, closely related to people's lives, and continue to expand. This promotes the progress and development of the market. Simplify the complex normalcy of life. It can be believed that the real significance of Packaging and Printing is to facilitate the development of human life, social progress, ecological environment protection and the rapid growth of market economy.

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