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The main uses of carbon fiber kevlar

  • Aramid cloth, carbon fiber kevlar cloth, aramid fabric, is a kind of fireproof fabric with high temperature resistance and high strength. The silicone coated aramidon cloth is made of carbon fiber kevlar cloth with silicone rubber on one or both sides. Therefore, the silicone coated aramid fabric has many characteristics, such as high temperature resistance, high strength, fire prevention, good sealing, impact resistance, tear resistance, wear resistance, weather resistance and chemical resistance in harsh environments.

    Main applications: high temperature materials, fire retardant fabric, bulletproof fabric, stab-proof clothing, insulation materials, pipeline sealing, transmission belt, welding robot protective cover; Aerospace, military, shipbuilding and other industries. Main grain: plain grain. g weight: 500 g/m2. Thickness: 0.4mm. Width: 1.5m. Temperature resistance: 2000C

    carbon fiber kevlar