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What are the acceptance standards for identification and signag

  • I believe we all know that when we walk on the street or travel, library wayfinding signage can be seen everywhere, so when making signs, we need to follow strict acceptance standards.

    1. The front side of the logo should be smooth and smooth, and the border line should be symmetrical and straight, and should not be bent or broken.

    2, library wayfinding signage should be straight around, there should be no obvious burr and tooth shape and waveform.

    3, the size of the text, the size of the symbol and the thickness of the line should be neat and eye-catching, arranged evenly, and should not be broken and blurred.

    4, the surface should not have cracks and obvious scratches, as well as rust, spots, shadows that affect its clarity.

    5, the coating should not have pores, bubbles, fog, stains, wrinkles, peeling signs and obvious particle impurities.

    6, the label installation and paste should not appear creases, wrinkles, self-rolling, tearing and adhesive seepage phenomenon.

    7, sign production color should be clear and eye-catching, uniform color, there should be no panchromatic.

    8, two and more than two colors of overprinted signs, the edge between the colors should be neat and clear, the two colors should not have a gap.

    9. According to the needs of the product, the surface can be matted to make matt or matte.

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