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What do you know about tunnel bolt?

  • Regardless of the environment, tunnel bolt needs to be resilient, easy to install and customizable to a variety of specifications.

    A well-designed rail fastening system not only preserves the proper track geometry, but also helps extend the life of other components. Agico is a tunnel bolt manufacturer, we have different tunnel bolt types, and we guarantee that our tunnel bolt prices best meet customer needs. Agico focuses on improving the elasticity of fasteners used in freight transportation, and the fastening systems operated by passengers have always contained advanced materials that make the parts lightweight and easier to transport. If you would like more information on the details of rail fastening systems, you can download tunnel boltPDF and I hope we can help you.

    We are professional tunnel bolt manufacturer, our tunnel bolt design can be divided into many types, such as electronic clamp rail fastening system, Nabra clamp rail fastening system, SKL clamp rail fastening system, KPO clamp rail fastening system, spring blade fastening system, high speed rail fastening system, etc. We continue to focus on the ever-evolving customer needs. And through the novel use of coatings on the performance of components such as tunnels and other tunnels, solutions involving specific components applied to fasteners are expected to significantly reduce the corrosion of stray currents and significantly extend the fastener life.

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