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Landmark signage is made of three key points

  • 1. Pay attention to material selection.

    As real estate residential styles vary widely from low to high end, the need for Landmark signage varies. For example, affordable housing needs roughly big white street signs, community names, and materials are also single wood, copper, galvanized steel or ordinary stainless steel; More advanced commercial housing residential styles, will use profiles to draw stainless steel, acrylic, etc.; And a high-end community with only dozens of villas needs to use Landmark signage to set off and shape the community image, not only will use all categories, and the material will be resolved less common aluminum plate, imported acrylic, mirror stainless steel, copper plate or other high-grade Landmark signage materials.

    2. Plan in detail.

    At present, the industry has criticized a lot of normalized profiles, which are very popular in the market. These profiles have seized a lot of market share in recent years because of their simple and difficult shape, stable and reliable character, convenient production and affordable price. However, people's psychological eternal is the pursuit of new beautiful, especially high-end customers at the first meeting firmly begged for a Landmark signage planning.

    3. Be unique.

    Due to experience, age and occupation, many customers have a preference for tradition, and will choose the more old and conservative plan at a glance among the many sets of plans submitted by Landmark signage, which makes many Landmark signage surprised. In fact, this is a very visible phenomenon, and customers also need a process of evaluation. For some Landmark signages in this world and Europe, customers not only make decisions based on their own hobbies and fashion, but also consider more aspects such as the style itself, the owner's psychology of real estate residential styles, and marketing strategies. We can not blindly scold the customer's taste is not good, to be clear, but also to further study, if an infiltration in the tradition of this world, how to further study the tradition and this world organically combined.

    4. After several years of development, some Landmark signage enterprises in China have evolved from small workshops when they started their business to large factories, and the situation of Landmark signage processing and production is becoming more and more abundant, with more and more equipment and processing means. However, no matter how it is expanded, The processing, construction and imitation of Landmark signage cannot be separated from external procurement.

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